21 years old College student at ULV, amazing girlfriend Musician,Student of Psychology. This is my life.

Fell asleep to dream,
to meet subconsciously.
But you were hidden deep.

You were “absentee.”
As were all my teeth.
Do you know what that means?

River without flow.
Boat without its oars.
Wind without its blow.
Where’d you go?

Thought deep might have deeper means.
So I kneeled down to see.
As strange as it may seem,
you were the water’s sheen.

I guess that’s what I get.
Not you, but what I am.


She said “Why is it that you cannot seem to cough up a reason as to
why you threw me into the winter to freeze?”
I said “I cannot deliver to you a simple answer,
For it is far too complex for my complex to conceive.
I just let you go to let you go.
I ran away, found drugs.
I don’t think you deserve what I was.
And more importantly now, what I have become.”
So now you say, you say, you say…

“Don’t you know that I am exactly what you wanted?
And still am what you want, and what you need.
But you seem to have forgotten, the promises you promised,
Where you do not forget about me.”

You chase the time apart with alcohol and a fresh vibrant flame.
Though I do question the value within the hue.
While I’m held in the arms of a friend, nearly drank myself to death,
I spill of how it’s always been about you.

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i find it so sad that he smiles less and less as the years go on. this picture really is worth a thousand words. :(